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Black Lava Beads 4mm, strand of 89 pcs, $3.25 a Strand - Lava Beads and Semi-Precious Gemstones Australia

Black Lava Beads 4mm, strand of 89 pcs, $3.25 a Strand

Lava Beads 4mm

Black Lava Beads 4mm, strand of 89 pcs. 1 pcs is 4mm, strand is 38cm long. Black Lava Stone 4mm strands are great for making Jewellery and can be used in Aromatherapy Jewellery Making.

We also sell 4mm Lava Bead per piece at $0.05.

Lava Bead 4mm Single

Single Lava Bead 4mm. $0.05c each. This is for customers who don’t need to buy a strand.

Wholesale 4mm Lava Bead Strands consists of 89pcs per strand.

1 pcs is 4mm, strand is 37cm long and there are 89pcs in the strand. Volcanic Stone is another word for Lava beads. Firstly we buy direct and have the cheapest prices in Australia. Secondly you would need to buy from the supplier in China to get them cheaper, and finally the porous beads make it perfect for use in aromatherapy. In conclusion 4mm Lava Beads are a great way to enjoy essential oils in a natural way. It’s best to use only 1-2 drops of essential oils at a time as large amounts may damage the elastic when making bracelets.

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How to use Lava Beads

Moreover If you would like more information about using Lava Stone 4mm in Aromatherapy, Bracelets or their grounding properties we have an informational page listed below.

Lava Beads – Everything you need to know