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Lava Beads in Australia: Your Ultimate Guide

Lava Stone Beads – Everything you need to know

Lava Beads: Discover the diverse range of Lava Stone Beads available in four distinct sizes: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm. Our Lava Stone strands range from 40 pieces to 89 pieces, contingent on the size you opt for. These beads are the quintessence of versatility, finding their use in crafting exquisite jewellery, handmade creative items, and in the holistic practice of aromatherapy.

We pride ourselves on offering the most competitive prices in Australia as we source directly, eliminating any middlemen. For prices that beat ours, you’d need to reach out to suppliers in China. To delve deeper into the compelling narrative of Lava Beads, be sure to explore our Lava Beads Meaning Post, which is backed by authoritative references from renowned gemologists and aromatherapists.

Embark on a journey of discovery with our comprehensive guide, unraveling the origins, benefits, and diverse applications of Lava Beads. Your adventure into the captivating world of Lava Beads begins here, unveiling a treasure trove of creative and therapeutic possibilities.

Table of Contents

Origin of Lava Beads

Lava beads, as the name suggests, originate from the fiery cores of volcanoes. When a volcano erupts, it spews molten rock, which upon cooling and solidifying, forms lava stones. These stones are then crafted into the unique and porous lava beads we know today. The process of transformation from a violent eruption to a beautiful bead is a testament to nature’s wonder. Found in various parts of the world, from the islands of Hawaii to the slopes of Mount Vesuvius in Italy, each region imparts its unique characteristics to the beads.

The history of lava beads dates back centuries. Ancient civilizations revered these beads not just for their beauty but also for their symbolic significance. They were often considered as a bridge between nature and mankind, embodying the energy and power of the volcanoes from which they were born. In many cultures, they were used as talismans, believed to provide strength and courage to the wearer. Their porous nature also made them ideal for various rituals, where they were infused with scents and oils for spiritual ceremonies.

Today, the appeal of lava beads goes beyond their historical or symbolic significance. Their natural, rugged appearance combined with their lightweight nature makes them a favorite choice for jewelry designers. The porous surface, which is a result of trapped gas bubbles during the cooling process, gives each bead a unique texture. This means that no two lava beads are exactly alike, adding to their allure.

Furthermore, with the rising interest in sustainable and eco-friendly products, lava beads have gained even more popularity. Being a natural product, they are environmentally friendly, and their extraction has minimal impact on the ecosystem. This makes them a preferred choice for those who are conscious about their environmental footprint.

In conclusion, lava beads, with their rich origin story and unique characteristics, offer a blend of beauty, history, and sustainability. Whether you’re wearing them as a fashion statement, for their symbolic meaning, or for aromatherapy purposes, they are sure to add a touch of nature’s wonder to your ensemble.

Formation Process

The formation of lava beads is a natural marvel. It begins with an eruption, where magma from beneath the Earth’s crust is expelled. As this molten rock comes into contact with the cooler air and surfaces, it begins to solidify. This rapid cooling process forms volcanic rock, known as basalt. The texture and appearance of this rock are determined by the speed at which it cools. Faster cooling results in a glassy texture, while slower cooling gives it a more crystalline structure.

One of the unique features of lava beads is their porous nature. This is a result of the gases that are trapped within the magma. As the magma rises and pressure decreases, these gases escape, leaving behind small cavities and holes in the solidified rock. It’s these very pores that give lava beads their distinctive appearance and make them ideal for absorbing essential oils in aromatherapy practices.

Once the volcanic rock is formed, it is collected and processed to create beads. The raw stones are cleaned, shaped, and polished to produce beads of various sizes and shapes. While the natural color of lava beads is typically a matte black, they can be dyed to achieve different colors, expanding their versatility in jewelry making.

The entire process, from a violent volcanic eruption to the creation of a delicate bead, is a testament to the transformative power of nature. It’s a journey of extremes, from the intense heat of the Earth’s interior to the cool, crafted bead that one can wear. This journey adds a layer of depth and story to every piece of jewelry made from lava beads.

In essence, the formation process of lava beads is a beautiful interplay of nature’s forces. It’s a reminder of our planet’s dynamic nature and its ability to create beauty from chaos.

Benefits of Lava Beads

Lava beads are not just aesthetically pleasing; they offer a range of benefits. Their porous nature makes them perfect for aromatherapy, as they can hold essential oils. Moreover, many believe that they possess grounding properties, connecting the wearer to Mother Earth.

Aromatherapy Companion: One of the most popular uses of lava beads is in aromatherapy jewelry. The beads’ porous structure allows them to absorb and slowly release essential oils throughout the day. By wearing a lava bead bracelet or necklace infused with your favorite essential oil, you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the oil wherever you go. Whether it’s lavender for relaxation, peppermint for alertness, or eucalyptus for clarity, lava beads act as a personal diffuser.

Grounding and Calming: Lava beads are believed to have grounding qualities, making them beneficial for calming the emotions. Given their origin from the Earth’s core, they are thought to resonate with the root chakra and help in grounding the wearer, providing stability in times of change or chaos.

Natural and Eco-Friendly: Being a natural product, lava beads are an eco-friendly choice for jewelry making. They are sustainable and have a minimal environmental impact, making them a favorite among environmentally-conscious consumers.

Therapeutic Touch: The natural, uneven texture of lava beads provides a unique tactile experience. Many find the act of touching or fidgeting with them to be soothing, making them a discreet tool for anxiety relief.

Versatility in Design: Lava beads are versatile and can be incorporated into various jewelry designs. Their natural black color offers a neutral base, but they can also be dyed to match different color palettes. This versatility extends their appeal to both traditional and contemporary jewelry designs.

In conclusion, lava beads are more than just a trendy jewelry component. They offer a blend of beauty, functionality, and symbolism. Whether you’re drawn to them for their aesthetic appeal, therapeutic benefits, or spiritual significance, lava beads are a meaningful addition to any jewelry collection.

Common Uses

While most commonly used in jewelry, lava beads have various applications. They are found in home decor, crafts, and even spa treatments. Their unique appearance and texture make them a favorite choice for many DIY enthusiasts.

Jewelry Making: This is the most prevalent use of lava beads. They are incorporated into necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and even rings. Their porous nature makes them particularly popular in aromatherapy jewelry, where they act as carriers for essential oils, releasing the fragrance slowly throughout the day.

Home Décor: Lava beads are also used in home decoration. They can be strung together to create decorative curtains or used in wind chimes. Their natural, earthy look complements bohemian and rustic home styles. Additionally, they can be placed in decorative bowls or vases, often mixed with other natural elements like shells or dried botanicals, to create a centerpiece.

Spa Treatments: Some upscale spas incorporate lava beads in their treatments, especially in hot stone massages. The beads are heated and placed on specific points on the body, providing relaxation and relief from muscle tension.

Craft Projects: DIY enthusiasts often use lava beads in various craft projects. They can be sewn onto fabric to create textured designs or glued onto surfaces for added embellishment. Their porous nature also makes them ideal for creating scented sachets or ornaments.

Diffusers: Given their ability to hold and release scents, lava beads are sometimes used in room diffusers. A few drops of essential oil on a lava bead can transform it into a natural air freshener, making spaces smell pleasant without the use of chemicals.

Personal Accessories: Beyond traditional jewelry, lava beads are used to make keychains, bookmarks, and even hair accessories. Their versatility and unique look make them a popular choice for personalizing everyday items.

In essence, the applications of lava beads extend far beyond jewelry. Their natural beauty, combined with their functional properties, makes them a sought-after material in various domains. Whether you’re crafting a piece of jewelry, decorating your home, or indulging in a spa treatment, lava beads add a touch of nature and elegance to the experience.

Lava Beads in Jewelry

Lava beads have carved a niche for themselves in the world of jewelry. Their rustic and earthy appearance makes them a favorite for boho and natural-themed jewelry pieces. From earrings to necklaces, they add a touch of nature to any piece.

Bracelets: Lava bead bracelets are perhaps the most popular form of jewelry that incorporates these unique beads. Often combined with other gemstones or metals, these bracelets are not only fashionable but also functional. Many wearers add a drop or two of their favorite essential oil to the beads, turning their bracelet into a personal diffuser that releases the scent throughout the day.

Necklaces: Lava bead necklaces can range from simple, with a single bead as a pendant, to intricate designs where they are strung together with other beads. The black color of the lava beads contrasts beautifully with brighter gemstones or metallic beads, making them a versatile choice for necklace designs.

Earrings: The lightweight nature of lava beads makes them an excellent choice for earrings. They can be used as the main bead or combined with other materials. Their porous texture adds a unique touch to earring designs, making them stand out.

Anklets: Lava beads are also used in anklets, often combined with shells or other natural materials, perfect for beach-themed jewelry or summer wear.

Customization: One of the significant advantages of lava beads in jewelry is the customization they offer. Due to their porous nature, they can be dyed in various colors, allowing jewelry designers to match them with different outfits or themes.

Symbolism: For many, lava beads in jewelry hold a deeper meaning. They are believed to symbolize rebirth and getting rid of unwanted emotions. Their origin, from the core of the earth, is thought to ground the wearer, providing calmness and strength.

Pairing with Other Materials: Lava beads pair beautifully with various materials in jewelry. Whether it’s the shimmer of crystals, the brightness of metals, or the color of other gemstones, lava beads complement them all. This versatility means they can be used in almost any jewelry piece, from the most casual to the more formal.

In conclusion, lava beads offer a blend of beauty, functionality, and symbolism in jewelry. Their unique origin and appearance make them a standout choice for those looking to wear something that connects them to nature while also being a statement piece.

Lava Beads in Aromatherapy

One of the standout features of lava beads is their ability to absorb and retain essential oils. This unique characteristic has made them a popular choice in the realm of aromatherapy. When a drop of essential oil is applied to a lava bead, it gets absorbed into the porous surface. Throughout the day, the oil slowly diffuses, releasing its therapeutic aroma around the wearer. This not only provides a subtle and lasting fragrance but also the therapeutic benefits of the essential oil.

Caring for Lava Beads

Lava beads, being natural stones, require special care to maintain their appearance and functionality. It’s advisable to avoid prolonged exposure to water, as it can wear out the beads over time. When using them for aromatherapy, ensure to let the essential oil fully absorb before wearing the jewelry to prevent staining. Cleaning them is simple: just use a soft cloth to wipe away any dirt or residue. For a deeper clean, a gentle soap and water solution can be used, but make sure to dry the beads thoroughly afterward.

Buying Guide

When purchasing lava beads, it’s essential to consider their size, shape, and quality. Authentic lava beads have a distinctly porous texture, which is a good indicator of their genuineness. It’s also worth noting that they come in various colors, from the classic black to browns and even reds, depending on the mineral content. Always buy from reputable sellers or stores to ensure you’re getting genuine lava beads. If using for aromatherapy, opt for beads that haven’t been treated or dyed, as this can affect their absorbency.

Sustainability and Lava Beads

In today’s eco-conscious world, sustainability is a growing concern. Lava beads, being a natural product, are inherently sustainable. They are formed from natural processes, and their extraction has minimal environmental impact compared to other gemstones or metals. Moreover, they are biodegradable, ensuring they don’t contribute to lasting environmental harm.

Cultural Significance

Lava beads hold cultural and spiritual significance in various cultures. In Hawaiian culture, for instance, they are believed to possess the power and energy of the volcano from which they originated. Many cultures also associate them with grounding and calming energies, making them popular in spiritual and meditation practices.

DIY Projects with Lava Beads

Given their versatility, lava beads are a favorite in DIY projects. From making personalized jewelry pieces to home decor items, their unique texture and appearance add a touch of elegance. They can be paired with other gemstones, metals, or even fabric to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using Lava Beads in aromatherapy?

Lava Beads are known for their porous nature, making them excellent carriers for essential oils in aromatherapy practices…

How are Lava Beads sourced and processed?

Our Lava Beads are ethically sourced directly from volcanic regions… Processed under strict quality control measures to ensure the highest quality…

Frequently Asked Questions about Lava Beads

What are the benefits of lava beads in aromatherapy?

Lava beads are used in aromatherapy jewelry due to their porous nature, which allows them to absorb and slowly release essential oils throughout the day.

How are lava beads sourced and processed?

Authentic lava beads are made from cooled molten rock from volcanoes. They are porous, lightweight, and smooth to the touch.

How long do essential oils last on lava stone?

The aroma from essential oils applied to lava beads can last around 2 days due to their porous nature.

What is a Chakra Diffuser Bracelet?

Lava beads are combined with stones representing the 7 chakras to create a popular bracelet that also serves as a personal diffuser.

How can I identify authentic lava stones?

Real lava stones come from volcanoes and have a porous surface. They are typically black or brown and can be dyed for aesthetic purposes.

Using Lava Stone Healing Properties with Aromatherapy

Learn how to use lava bead jewelry to reduce stress and anxiety with essential oils.

Step 1: Wear Your Lava Bead Jewelry

Wear lava bead jewelry or keep the stones close to you to harness their healing properties.

Step 2: Apply Essential Oils

Apply a few drops of essential oil to the lava beads. The top three essential oils suggested for reducing stress and anxiety are Lavender, Rose, and Ylang Ylang.

Step 3: Allow the Oil to Absorb

Allow the oil to absorb into the beads before wearing the jewelry.

Supplies Needed:

  • Lava bead jewelry
  • Essential oil (Lavender, Rose, or Ylang Ylang)

Tools Needed:

  • Dropper (optional)

Total Time: 5 minutes

How to use Lava Stone Healing Properties with Aromatherapy to reduce stress and Anxiety?

Lava Bead Infographic

The top 3 Essential oils to reduce Stress and Anxiety are:
1. Lavender Essential Oil
2. Rose Essential Oil
3. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
Using the above essential oils will help to create a calming feeling and ground your emotions. Firstly the stones have a strong connection to the earth, wearing (bracelet or necklace) or having the stones close to you. Secondly you can keep in your pocket as this helps to ground you. Thus keeping you calm, thus reducing stress and anxiety. Lava Stone Healing Properties.

Essential Oils and Lava Stone – How long does the Aroma last for?

If you ordered a bracelet with natural beads like the ones listed above the aroma will last for around 2 days. This is because of their porous nature and having craters in them also helps. One drop of oil on a few beads should be enough and it should last for a few days.

Bracelet Braided 7 Chakra
Bracelet Braided 7 Chakra
  • Red: Root Chakra – Safety and Security – stones are agate, bloodstone, hematite, and tiger’s eye.
  • Orange: Sacral Chakra – Pleasure, Enjoyment & Creativity – stones are carnelian, citrine, and moonstone.
  • Yellow: Solar Plexus Chakra – Power (inner), Will and Self-worth – stones are calcite, and topaz.
  • Blue: Throat Chakra – Mediator – stones are aquamarine, lapis lazuli, and turquoise.
  • Green: Heart Chakra – Love, Compassion and balance – stones are green calcite, green tourmaline, and jade.
  • Indigo: Third Eye Chakra – Intuition and Wisdom – stone is purple fluorite.
  • Violet: Crown Chakra – Unity – stone is amethyst.
  • Lava Bead – for Grounding which comes from the Volcano being part of Mother Earth

Why do Lava beads work well with Essential Oils?

The lava stone has a pitted and porous surface and this works well for the diffusion of Essential Oils. The porous nature of the stone entraps the molecules of the essential oil. This allows the aroma of the essential oil to last for a few days. Once the aroma wears off all you need to do is apply more.

How to determine if Lava Stones are real from a Volcano?

Firstly, Authentic Natural Lava Stone is made from cooled molten from a Volcano. Secondly, The Stone is very porous and is shaped and smoothed to make the bead. Part of the process is to leave small cavities in the porous stone. Thirdly, Stone beads are lightweight, porous and smooth to the touch and smell a bit smokey. And most of all real beads are black or brown, they can be dyed but won’t be as porous as your untouched natural lava beads. Most lava beads sold for jewellery making are dyed a darker black and have a thin wax coating. This does result in a lava bead which is not as porous. In conclusion you will find most bracelets are made with dyed and waxed lava beads which are not as porous, but they do look good.

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Lava Beads Australia
Lava Beads Australia

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