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Lava Beads & Semi Precious Gemstones

Lava Beads & Semi Precious Gemstones

Overview of Lava Beads

Lava Beads & Semi Precious Gemstones.Lava beads are made from basalt, a type of volcanic rock. Formed from the rapid cooling of lava, these beads are known for their porous surface and lightweight nature. They have a rich history in jewelry making, often associated with strength and fertility. Lava beads are not only aesthetically pleasing but also believed to have grounding properties, making them popular in aromatherapy and meditation practices.


Semi Precious Gemstones

Semi precious gemstones, unlike precious stones like diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires, are more abundantly found yet equally enchanting. These gemstones, including amethyst, turquoise, and garnet, offer a diverse palette of colors and textures. They are often appreciated for their unique metaphysical properties, with each stone believed to impart different benefits such as emotional healing, creativity, or protection.


Uses in Jewelry Making

Lava beads and semi precious gemstones are widely used in jewelry making for their versatility and natural beauty. Lava beads are particularly favored in creating bracelets and necklaces, often combined with other gemstones. They serve as excellent diffusers for essential oils due to their porous nature. Semi precious stones are used to add color, texture, and meaning to jewelry pieces, making them popular in bespoke and artisanal creations.



What are the benefits of wearing lava bead jewelry?

Lava bead jewelry is not only visually appealing but also believed to have grounding and calming properties. It is said to bring emotional tranquility and stability to the wearer.

Can semi precious gemstones fade over time?

Some semi precious gemstones may fade if exposed to direct sunlight or harsh chemicals. It’s advisable to store them properly and handle them with care to maintain their color and luster.

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