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1 Metre x Leather Cord 1mm dia

1 Metre x Leather Cord 1mm dia

Original price was: $1.25.Current price is: $1.20.

1 Metre x Leather Cord 1mm dia

Sold in metre lengths

Cowhide Leather Cord, Leather Jewelry Cord, Round, Dyed, Black
Size: about 1mm in diameter

Great for necklace cord, leather pouches, weaving, pony beads, earrings or bracelets. A smooth, Round, Dyed cross-section that is perfect for many beading needs. Good for chunky beadwork and pendants.

Availability: 9 in stock

1 Metre x Leather Cord 1mm dia

Product Description

The 1 Metre x Leather Cord 1mm dia is a top-quality cowhide leather jewelry cord, dyed black, ideal for delicate crafting and detailed jewelry making. Available in metre lengths, it offers flexibility for various creative projects.


This 1mm diameter leather cord is perfect for intricate beadwork, weaving, and creating detailed pendants. Its smooth, round, dyed texture provides a professional finish to your crafts.

How to Use

Utilize this slender 1mm leather cord for creating elegant necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. It’s also well-suited for weaving into leather pouches or incorporating into fine beadwork.


Q: What is the diameter of this leather cord?
A: The leather cord has a diameter of about 1mm, ideal for intricate beading and jewelry making.

Q: Is this 1mm cord versatile for different types of crafts?
A: Yes, this cord is perfect for various crafts, including delicate necklace and bracelet designs, as well as other creative projects.

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1 Metre x Leather Cord 1mm dia
Original price was: $1.25.Current price is: $1.20.

Availability: 9 in stock