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2 x Folding Crimp Ends - Lava Beads and Semi-Precious Gemstones Australia
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2 x Folding Crimp Ends

Original price was: $0.10.Current price is: $0.08.

2 x Folding Crimp Ends
Brass Folding Crimp Ends, Fold Over Crimp Cord Ends, Silver Color Plated
Size: about 5mm wide, 10mm long, 3mm inner diameter, hole: 2mm

Cord tips are for terminating necklaces or bracelets with cords, Just insert the cord into the slot, then bend the edge of the tips down over the cord.

Availability: 50 in stock

2 x Brass Folding Crimp Ends

Product Description

These Brass Folding Crimp Ends are a must-have for jewelry makers, especially those working with corded necklaces or bracelets. Their fold-over design ensures a secure and neat finish to your jewelry pieces.

Product Details

Measuring 5mm in width, 10mm in length, and with a 3mm inner diameter, these silver color plated crimp ends are perfect for a variety of cord thicknesses. The hole size is 2mm, making them versatile for different stringing materials.


These folding crimp ends are designed for easy application. Simply insert the cord into the slot and bend the edge of the tips over the cord. This secures the cord and provides a professional finishing touch to your jewelry creations.


How do these crimp ends secure the cord?
The crimp ends have a fold-over design. After inserting the cord, the edges are bent over it, securing the cord in place.

Are these suitable for all types of cords?
They are versatile for various cord types but ideally suited for those fitting the 3mm inner diameter size.

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2 x Folding Crimp Ends
Original price was: $0.10.Current price is: $0.08.

Availability: 50 in stock