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The Art and Craft of Jewellery Making Courses in Australia.

The Art and Craft of Jewellery Making Courses in Australia.

The Art and Craft of Jewellery Making Courses in Australia

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The Art of Jewellery Making

The process of making jewellery involves several techniques, each bringing its own unique touch to the final piece. It’s essential to learn about these various techniques as they are the building blocks of any jewellery piece.


One of the simplest forms of jewellery, beading is an ancient art dating back to at least 100,000 years ago. Beads can be made from a variety of materials including precious stones, wood, glass, metal, and even bone. Beading allows for a vast range of creativity as there is virtually no limit to the colour, size, and shape of beads used.


Silversmithing is the craft of creating jewellery from silver. It’s a multifaceted skill that involves techniques such as soldering, sawing, hammering, and polishing. It requires a keen eye for detail, precision, and patience. A silversmith might spend hours, or even days, meticulously crafting a single piece of jewellery.


This is similar to silversmithing but involves working with gold. Goldsmithing has been practised for thousands of years and was once a highly valued profession. Today, the craft is still alive, and learning goldsmithing opens a new world of opportunities for any aspiring jewellery maker.

Stone Setting

One of the most critical parts of jewellery making is the setting of gems. This requires immense skill and precision to secure the stone properly without damaging it. There are several types of settings, including prong, bezel, channel, and pave.


Enamelling is the art of fusing powdered glass onto metal to create a colourful, durable, and decorative surface. This technique can create beautiful effects and adds a unique element to jewellery pieces.

Jewellery Making Courses in Australia

Australia is home to numerous jewellery-making schools and universities offering a variety of courses. Here are some of them:

Sydney Jewellery School (Sydney, NSW)

One of the most renowned jewellery schools in Australia. It offers courses catering to all skill levels, ranging from beginner to advanced. The school provides a rich curriculum covering various aspects like silversmithing, beading, metal clay, stone setting, and various specialty techniques. Each class is designed to provide students with hands-on experience, allowing them to create their own pieces.

Blue Dog Glass (Melbourne, VIC)

This school specializes in glasswork, including glass bead making. Courses range from short, one-day workshops to more extended certificate programs.

The Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia (Melbourne, VIC)

Offers an apprenticeship program, providing hands-on training in techniques such as gem setting, silver and gold smithing, and polishing.

Canberra School of Art (Canberra, ACT)

Offers a Bachelor of Visual Arts in Gold and Silversmithing. This course imparts a wide range of skills, including working with gems, precious metals, and other materials. The course also includes training in drawing and interpreting jewellery designs, which is crucial for any aspiring jewellery maker.

Brisbane Institute of Art (Brisbane, QLD)

Offers short courses in jewellery making, including silversmithing and other advanced techniques. The institute is known for its intensive workshops, which allow students to dive deep into a specific aspect of jewellery making.

North Metropolitan TAFE (Perth, WA)

Offers a Diploma in Jewellery Design and Manufacture. This course is more in-depth and includes technical skills such as design, gemstone knowledge, casting, and fabrication. The course also includes a module on starting and running a successful jewellery business.


In conclusion, jewellery making is a craft as ancient as civilization itself. Whether it’s to express oneself, create a piece of art, or start a lucrative business, learning this skill can be deeply rewarding. So, whether you’re in Sydney or Perth, or prefer learning from the comfort of your home, Australia offers a wealth of opportunities for anyone aspiring to master this craft.

Jewellery Making Courses

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